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My story

I discovered Yoga in 2017. I was looking to do something to wake up my body in the morning and to lower the stress I had at work. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with it.


I mostly practiced by myself, online, for q few years until I lost my job in the South of Frnace and decided to go for a Yoga teacher training for 4 weeks in the Netherlands.

That's when I discovered the roots of Yoga with Hatha Yoga. I strongly believe that Yoga is more than just a physical practice and it can positively affect many parts of our life. 


My passion for Yoga philosophy, personal development and biology/physiology also lead me to deepen my practice and my knowledge over the years. I’ve been reading, exploring and applying personnel development tools in my life for the past 10 years and I was impressed and glad to see how much it is related to Yoga philosophy!


I enjoy teaching various styles of Yoga like Yin, Vinyasa or Meditation, but I developed a true passion for Hatha throughout the years. The practice helps me to focus, to get more creative and to calm down my thoughts. I found more balance in my life and my mind is definitely quieter. My two favourite parts when I teach is to guide my students into challenging postures where they find confidence and strength, as well as the final relaxation that I developed into my personal signature for each of my lessons.


When visiting the island of Bonaire with my husband in 2018, we completely fell in love with nature and diving here. So, in October 2020, we moved to Bonaire permanently. And this was one of the best decisions of my life.


I love to spend time with animals and in nature, to take pictures, to read books and to spend time in the water. So Bonaire is the perfect place for me. 

When I am not on my mat or underwater, you will find me reading a book, playing with my pets,observing wild animals or taking care of sea turtles.

I trust that Yoga can change people, can bring peace and joy, can open minds and hearts and can make your life and the world a better place.


What motivates me every day is to help people to build the foundation of a routine that supports their lifestyle and their goals. To see them outgrow themselves, to see them open up and become a better version of themselves.

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