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What others say about Zest for Life Yoga

Practicing Hatha yoga with Gwen at sunrise in Bonaire was such a special time!! She's definitely a great teacher with a lot of knowledge but especially very caring with a lot of individual feedback and attention for her students. If you are looking for one special class during your holidays or a weekly practise during a longer stay, I would definitely recommend Gwen!

Karlien - March 2023 - Hatha Yoga class

I took some classes with Gwen and she is a very good and considerate teacher.

After an explanation of what you are going to do, she pays attention for you to have the correct posture.

It really helped me, I felt less stressed and more relaxed after just 2 lessons.

I highly recommend her classes if you want a good guide to help you to take care of your body and soul with Hatha yoga !

Aurélie - November 2020 - Private lesson

I attended a yoga class with Gwen as part of Padi Women’s Dive Day 2023 absolutely love her approach to teaching. Gwen has a gift for instruction, describing how muscles should be activating and how body parts should be moving in a manner that helped me stay so much more present in the moment and made me more capable. My tree has never been steadier!

I highly recommend taking a class from Gwen, knowing she will instruct in a manner that will meet you where you are in your practice and help you advance your experience. I will be seeking out future opportunities to practice with Gwen.

Jill - July 2023 PADI Women's Dive Day

I loved this yoga experience!!!!!

Gwen is a very passionate person and she gives you the feeling that you are doing good and helps you to push the boundaries of yourself.

This was my very first experience with yoga. Me and my friend did not have the same level of body control and Gwen managed it so good to take care of both of us and helped us improve our individual level very fast.

My body felt good after each session even though I usually have back problems. Gwen is able to adapt her session to your weakness so I could enjoy this experience to the fullest with absolutely no pain.

She has the knowledge to get the best out of you. I could do things with my body I never thought I would be able to do and my level of stress decreased dramatically.

If you want to feel better in any kind of way. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone!!!

Myriam - October 2020 - Hatha Yoga class

One of the best teachers I could think of. She made me grow and trust my body in a wonderful way! Thank you so much!

Marie - June 2022 - Yoga Teacher Training

Very knowlegable and relaxed sessions. great for beginners as she really takes the time to explain the poses and tailor the class to each individuals abilities. would highly recommend!

Hazel - October 2020 - Private lesson

Yoga with Gwen is amazing. Truly a teacher who knows what she is doing. I have gotten more flexible again in body and mind. Highly recommend this studio

Koa - January 2023 - Hatha Yoga class

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