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A woman siting on a rock at the beach, in a meditation posture on a sunny day with the sea as a background

Find more time in your week and learn how to nourish your life on Bonaire!

Grab your mat & follow me!

A woman doing the Warrior 1 posture at the neach on a sunny day with the sea as a background. The woman is practicing Yoga, also for beginners

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

🍋 Living Life with Enthusiasm: The Meaning Behind "Zest for Life" 🍋: to have a zest for life means to live fully and with enthusiasm.

Here's a little tip to help you get the most out of your yoga practice: maintain a zest for life and live with enthusiasm. By doing so, you'll discover that each session of yoga will leave you feeling energized, with a body that feels both light and strong, and a mind that's relaxed and focused.


Who am I?

I discovered the Yoga practice as a support to lower the stress I was experiencing with work and to improve my body awareness and flexibility next to my workout routine.

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