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A woman siting on a rock at the beach, in a meditation posture on a sunny day with the sea as a background

Find more time in your week and learn how to nourish your life on Bonaire!

Grab your mat & follow me!

A woman doing the Warrior 1 posture at the neach on a sunny day with the sea as a background. The woman is practicing Yoga, also for beginners

To practice Yoga

🍋 Zest for life = to live your life fully, with enthusiasm🍋

Every Yoga session will give you fresh energy with a body feeling light & strong, a mind relaxed & focused.

The woman sitted on a rock at the beach on Bonaire is smiling. The sky is blue and the sea is quiet, the sun feels god on the skin, a perfect day to practice Yoga at the beach

Who am I?

I discovered the Yoga practice as a support to lower the stress I was experiencing with work and to improve my body awareness and flexibility next to my workout routine.

The workshop with Gwen was very valuable, a good way to start doing more sun salutations at home and for yourself. The explanation of all the poses were helpful and the handout and Gwen’s calming guiding through it all was very beneficial.


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